We're building a team of next-generation innovators who share our values and want to find new ways to provide the essential resources the world is counting on to make life better.

Our 合作项目

满足凯特, First Prize winner of Teck’s inaugural Student Work Term Video Challenge and learn about her co-op experience living and working in the 麋鹿谷.

Whether you’re part of the 工程 team or the procurement group, you’ll gain hands-on experience working with dedicated colleagues who are committed to your success.

作为银河网站学生社团的一员, you'll work on real-world projects that make a meaningful real-world impact. You'll learn from the best and work alongside people who value both work and play, 联系与创新.

Find out firsthand why Teck has been recognized as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People and named to the 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. 

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学习和成长 与皇后

What happens when you combine meaningful work with responsibility and challenge? 你学习和成长. You can make a difference in the world and in your career. 

如果你是自我激励和寻找冒险, 我们是快节奏的, dynamic organization offering a range of opportunities to students looking to put their education to work. 你会得到支持, 你会有一种社区意识, and you’ll have real-world experience that builds on your educational pursuits.

Explore 你的未来


银河网站,你对我们来说不仅仅是学生. You are an idea-maker, a respected colleague with a fresh perspective. We are hiring from a diverse pool of talent – from accounting to geological 工程, 信息技术, to environmental science; Teck promises exciting, hands-on work that will leave you with invaluable career-building skills and experience.  

Why Teck?



带薪实习的学生受益的不仅仅是经验. We offer excellent salaries, co-op tuition, relocation expenses and more!



We work and live in in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. This is your opportunity to make new friends and explore new places together.



我们正在为你的到来做准备. 如果你想找一份五月开始的工作, mark January on your calendar as the application process begins then. Check back in May for September opportunities, and January positions are posted in September.



银河网站合作, you are invited to engage with our broader student community, 它是全公司的,包括200多个合作社. Teck’s student community meets both in person and virtually, 让每个人都能接触到联系.

你有伟大的梦想. 我们想帮你找到他们

We offer various scholarships at various schools that encourage enrolment and support students pursuing science, 技术, 工程, 数学与艺术. Check with your department or co-op program to learn more.

超过了 100年银河网站一直在创新. 从实现 改变游戏规则的清洁水技术 从采矿到建造节能工具 智能矿铲 这有助于我们更聪明地挖掘.

At the core of our culture, innovation is supported by programs like the $25 million 创意工作基金 that help bring the best and brightest ideas across Teck to life.

Teck is committed to innovating and deploying technologies that improve sustainability, 效率, 在提高生产力的同时兼顾健康和安全.

At Teck, we believe in making the world better through better mining practices. 我们也非常清楚我们在实现这一目标中的作用. 

Our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource development is cemented by key aspirational goals we’ve set for our company. They 跨越八个主题 并解决一些世界上最紧迫的问题. 有证据表明,我们的努力正在得到回报. 

Today we are widely recognized as a world leader in responsible mining. We’re the top-ranked mining company by almost every major ratings agency, 包括道琼斯可持续发展世界指数, Sustainalytics, Vigeo Eiris, 和FTSE4Good.

At Teck, we're committed to helping build healthy, vibrant communities wherever we operate. This includes funding initiatives that invest in local charitable organizations, institutions and civic initiatives that strengthen communities. 

例如,我们正在与 加拿大主要交通系统, 高等教育研究院 和卫生专业人员对抗细菌. 银河网站的铜 & Health program is funding the installation of copper on high-touch surfaces on buses, subways, 有轨电车, 学校宿舍和校园学习区.  铜的死亡率高达99.9% of the bacteria found on high-touch surfaces and by installing antimicrobial copper coating, 我们正在使它对人们更安全、更健康.

了解更多 银河网站银河网站铜业的事 & 健康计划和其他类似的计划 Zinc & 健康计划 and 社区投资 活动.


Hear 从学生

想知道在银河网站工作是什么感觉? Watch these videos to hear directly from former Teck co-ops about their experience across a variety of roles and what they think makes our company a great place to grow, 交朋友, 并产生积极的影响. 


At Teck, providing students with the best possible work experience in a supportive environment helps ensure a strong sense of belonging along with personal and professional development. Our entire team is invested in helping each student fulfil their potential.


Find below videos from former students in the following disciplines:

听到 技术代表

Since 2019, Teck has offered an engaging student-focused webinar called “Campus Coffee.” — a perfect opportunity to hear from our employees about their role at Teck, 为什么他们喜欢自己的工作, and practical advice they have for those starting out in their careers.

These webinars are live, and we encourage students to ask questions.


At Teck, we recognize that supporting and guiding careers not only benefits employees but the company as a whole. As such, we are dedicated to supporting and encouraging your career ambitions through interesting work assignments and professional mentoring and education. From internal leadership development and skills training programs to financial support for external graduate studies, we are committed to our employees’ ongoing development and career enhancement. 当你成功时,我们也会成功.