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Highlights of our sustainability management 和 performance for investors

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我们的方法 to Sustainability

Our Commitments

​Our commitments are shaped by internal policies 和 procedures that outline our approach to sustainability, as well as external sustainability-related initiatives 和 regulatory requirements.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At 银河网站, the pursuit of sustainability guides our approach to business. Over our more than 100-year history, we have learned that responsible mining 和 mineral development are fundamental to our long-term success.

Approach to Business & Sustainability

The success of our business is dependent on our ability to create value in a way that meets the needs of the company, our shareholders 和 our communities of interest (COIs) while accounting for the broader environmental, 社会, 和 economic context.

会员资格 和 合作伙伴关系

​We are members of numerous industry associations 和 are involved in organizations that provide a platform for advancing sustainability.

奖 和 Indices

银河网站 has been recognized as a world leader in sustainability 和 responsible resource development in several indices 和 through awards for our sustainability 和 safety performance.

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