Our Locations

Our employees live and work in some of the world's most incredible locations.

Elk Valley, British Columbia

Dramatic, breathtaking, inspiring—just a few words to describe the majesty of the Elk Valley, nestled in the heart of the world-renowned Canadian Rockies. There is never a dull moment in this piece of British Columbia paradise with its unending activity, history and charm.

Trail, British Columbia

The largest in the Pacific Northwest of North America, the Columbia River winds through the historic town of Trail—a band of glistening sapphire flanked by the richness of British Columbia's emerald green forests. History, great recreation and a love of community make Trail a standout.

Kamloops and neighbouring towns, British Columbia

A desert landscape surrounded by lakes, mountains and plenty of sunshine—the contrast that is Kamloops must be seen to believed. Grab your fishing pole, golf clubs, skis, glass of wine and artisan cheese board, because there is nothing you can’t do in this major urban centre that borders the untamed wild.


The largest state in the U.S., the grandeur of Alaska never disappoints. Rich in culture, Alaska's snow-capped mountains blossom with pockets of colour as fields boast florals in the spring and summer. Alaska's natural beauty is equaled only by its fantastic wildlife on land (moose, bear, wolf), at sea (orca, otter, walrus) and in the sky (eagle, cranes and cuckoo).


Located in western South America, Chile is well known for its rugged terrain, including the Andes Mountains range. But because of its length (long and narrow with more than 6,000 kilometres of Pacific Ocean coastline), there are many different climates including hot, warm and cold! Chile is one of the most urbanized Latin American countries known for its incredible music, poetry and artistry.